Who is Deko?

I'm a VFX artist & 3D generalist originally from Lithuania. With over 10 years of professional experience, worked across multiple industries from interactive web animations, VR to commercials and feature films.
Currently freelancing and being always on the road. Available for your next awesome projects in any part of the globe.


Nike | Discovery | Razer | Fox | Pepsi | Honda | Isuzu | Bloomberg | Ogilvy | Marvel


I make FX elements for films, 3d animations for TV ads and illustrations for prints. Also I don’t mind getting to work on various experimental stuff, which require additional skill-types people to collaborate with. Here at deKO.LT I present part of my everyday work and some CG techniques research available at fx LAB. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Visual Effects

  • Particles, Energy Effects
  • Rigid Body Dynamics, Cloth
  • Digital Pyrotechnics (Explosions, Fire, Fireworks)
  • Natural Phenomena (Clouds, Smoke, Twisters, Volcanoes)
  • CGI Compositing



What others say


I was very pleased to have the opportunity to work directly with Deko on several projects. Besides being an absolute pleasure to work with, he was extremely well organized and was able to present and communicate creative ideas with ease to people not related to CG technologies. I highly recommend Deko, as he is would make valuable asset to any teamplay.

Alius designer / animator

Valdemaras (or DeKo, as I used to call him) was one of the best collegues at Gaumina and later, when he was working as a freelancer.
You can always trust him – he can plan his work very well and he always pays a big attention to deadlines. I’ve never been dissapointed by him.

There was a time, when we really worked a lot together and I can say, that he is also very TALENTED person, his work is always amazing and usually easily approved by clients. His work is of the very high quality and he also can manage his work very well, so if I need 3D works, I definitely call him at first place.

Asta Project Manager at TAPE

I’ve worked with Valdemaras and I can honestly say that he’s a real professional at what he does! his work with FX elements and 3d animation is trully inspirational. He’s the kind of person who never lets you down and gives you more that you could even hope for I can’t even count how many times his work has exceeded my expectations. I’m really glad to have worked with him and hope to do that in the future.

Dainius 3DG Studio owner