After Jamie’s Jewels post about maxscripts recommendations, I share my choices of the most lovely 3dsmax scripts.


PFlow baker

PFlow baker by Bobo

Bakes particle flow particles into meshes and/or helpers.




Script to batch sim, wavelet, post-process and render FumeFX grids.


PF Spliner

Generate animatable splines based on particles created with Particle Flow or Thinking Particles 4.0+



PF Channel Info

This script will display accessible particle flow channels into a list view.


Fracture Scripts:


Scene Management:


Advanced Painter

Advanced Painter is a modular brush-based distribution tool derrived from the Nature Painter script. Also works well with proxy objects.



Vray Proxy

Control any numbers of Vray Proxy animated objects, randomly altering their values speed, frame offset and scale. 




Neil Blevins collection of scripts. Some are from Blur, some are personal.

Here is my best: objectDetacher, putPivot, findInstances, objectDropper, transformRandomizer, transformReset, splineKnotManager, splinePainter, wirecolorRandomizer.


Some Fun Scripts:


Of course, demand for additional tools depends on specific artist skills and established workflow. Use whatever you get and don’t hesitate to share your best scripts suggestion :)

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