Fireworks project from early 2006.

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  1. MaXeD, Reply

    OMG, thats amazing O_O.

  2. Anton, Reply

    Thanks for sharing this and the max file especially. I really like the density and color/lighting you’re giving to the particles.

  3. Luke, Reply

    Amazing restult! But I have a problem: when i open project, fRstage1.dlr error appear and if I skip the problem, 3ds max crash when i try to render the scene…
    Any solutions?
    I use 3ds max 2013

    • deko, Reply

      I tried on max2012 and 2014, skipping error should work. Maybe particle count is too big? Try upper step size in all Spawn by Travel ops.
      Or download max 2014 trial, maybe your max plugins conflict.

      • Luke, Reply

        I solve simply disable the motion blur and it works… But thanks you, I’ll try with max 2012 or 2014!
        Still I have another problem, I can’t find where’s the expression (in the particle view) who control when the fireworks explode (after how much time) and I’m trying to control where the fireworks start and where it stops, could you help me?

        • deko, Reply

          It’s Speed Test :) Particles explode when Drag force reduces they speed to a certain value. You can easily replace that by defining exact time with Age Test.

  4. Anonymous, Reply

    thank you !! I was looking for this.

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