Initially this was planned to present at FXwars “Nuke” entry. But later this grow up to a more detailed FumeFX research…



Below is link to *.max project for main explosion. 

Download (24 KB)

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  1. deko, Reply

    Some tips to speed up rendering:- Turn off Multiple Scattering in Illumination tab- Change Lights Shadow type from Raytrace to AB Shadow map- Solver quality can be lowered to 3-4…and of course GRID SPACING

  2. DaRuner, Reply

    Woaaa, nice explo! Thanks bro

  3. Anonymous, Reply


  4. ErgunTech, Reply

    @ DekoI am really happy about that you share such a great research here. That answered lots of my questions. Great job… Thank you for that .. I also want to discuss about my results after i finish it, of course if you want..Take care..Cheers.. (:

  5. Marcelo ali, Reply

    good job and thanks for this file *.max i from Bolivia

  6. deko, Reply

    Glad to help. If you will have any questions, just ask.

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