Below is a simple FumeFX smoke plume scene.

FumeFX rgb lighting final
FumeFX smoke plume

Usually beauty pass is maked in rendering software, but why not speed entire shading workflow by moving it to compositing process? It’s pretty much typical standart in many studios nowadays, let’s take a look how to make that.

Here is the same fluid grid with different lights by areas. Every color represent another fill angle. In our situation green color is key light, red – fill light, blue – back light.

FumeFX rgb lighting viewport
fumefx rgb render


What is cool, that in compositing every color can be separated as another pass. Three passes from just one rendering.

FumeFX compositing
FumeFX compositing


Below is a link to 3dsmax 2012 scene, Fusion and After Effects project.

download *.max scene

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  1. Adrien, Reply

    Thanks a lot for your sharing. You are a great and talented artist.

  2. Pierre, Reply

    Great tips, thank you very much. Do you know how is it possible with fumefx and vray to have a GI pass for compositing ? vrayGloblIllumination, rawlighting, totalighting, etc seem not to work.

    • deko, Reply

      Thank you. Never tried and never ever needed that. Maybe it’s better have separate lighting pass prepared for compositing need.

  3. Israel Antunez, Reply

    Thanks for share you impressive work!!!! you are a great man!!

  4. Strob, Reply

    Which renderer do you use? Great job!

  5. Lucas Kozak, Reply

    Thanks man. You`ve made my day :-)

  6. Raphtillie, Reply

    Thank you so much ! reaaly nice tip !
    And thanks for the scene sharing !

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