SPA Vilnius

From the beginning, there have lived five gods who care for our feelings...
One day the world changed and gods was forced to escape to new places... SPA places.

Characters animations: Mantas S.
3D waterdrop: Evaldas B.
2D: Vaidas Bagonas, Edmundas Stundžius
Storyboard: Tadas Grybauskas
Story: Lina Januškevičienė
Music: Aleksander Volkov
Project Manager: Sigitas Jonikas
Very special and honest Thanks:
Rokas Grigaliūnas
deko: CG Lead, Visual development, FX

Office: Gaumina
Agency: milk

Software: 3dsmax, Pflow, FumeFX, Krakatoa, Digital Fusion
Date: 2008/04