Procedural colouring experiment with Krakatoa.



Below you can download MagmaFlow for Krakatoa 1.5:


11 Responses to “rnd: #krakatoa_f047”

  1. tuk, Reply

    video tutorial plz!

  2. deko, Reply

    @tukthx, can’t promise when, but I will consider about some video learning stuff.

  3. s1dK, Reply

    how many partitions you had ?

  4. s1dK, Reply

    The colours are from magma flow or from the particle flow ?

  5. deko, Reply

    @s1dKIn the above pictures everything rendered in one partitions. Colors are from magma.

  6. Jade, Reply

    Your site is really interesting. I’m very interestind in this work, since i began krakatoa some days ago. I juste wonder, on the picture "snap_krak" what is the "PRT Loader" on the right? Never seen this. Is this related to Magma flow? I haven’t tried it yet. Thanks a lot for sharing ur knowledge! :)

  7. Jade, Reply

    Oh, i will! Thank you :)

  8. Enka, Reply

    Tutorial please!

  9. ng, Reply

    Still no video tutorial? pls pls pls.
    if not some more info plsplsplssssss.

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